I feel extremely lonely as a Dick/Babs shipper. I hated that war the went on between the Dick/Babs people and Chalant people. And I do like Zatanna; she is definitely a very cool character and I did think her flirting with Robin was cute. But Barbara was intoduced before Zatanna even came into play and her tone of jealosy kept me from really becoming a Chalant shipper.

But am I alone here? So many people are bashing Dick and Babs because they think people only ship it because they're in the comics. BUT THAT'S NOT WHY I LIKE THEM TOGETHER. They have a fun dynamic, like when they showed her teasing him. And for those people who do ship them because they are in the comics. WHO CARES? That just means that they like the couple that much. It's their opinion and they have a right to that.

Just don't bash any ships, is my main point here. No bashing = no war. And please don't hate on Barbara Gordon. She is an inspiration for many people, especially during her run as Oracle. Try to not hate on any character, if that's possible. (Of course, I'm kind of a hypocrit here because La'gann does kind of piss me off at times, but I'm working on it.)

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