I think we've seen the source of the "Zeta Beam radiation" that the Team detected in Bialya. Ze Brain, he ow-you-say, deesappears weeth ze Monsiuer Malla when ze lights, they go out. Zut allors!

Remember how Kobra disappeared on Santa Prisca by just walking into the jungle -- I think the Light's heavy hitters are using an advanced verison of Zeta Beam travel. (Interestingly, Darkseid used exactly that style of transport in the orignial New Gods series though it wasn't connected to Adam Strange's "Zeta Beam")

BTW how is Kobra NOT one of the Light -- I can't imagine him taking a back seat, he rules his own fanatic civilization of devoted followers, but I don't think he matches up to one of the "Ls" -- unlike Brain, Luthor, Ras, Queen Bee and Ocean Master -- are maybe each of the 7 enemies of one of the original 7 Justice Leaguers?

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