I saw in Ask Greg that Greg has never seen Venture Bros. (somebody was asking him if "the Light" was an homage to Venture Bros. "League of Calamitous Intent" <snicker>) but that got me thinking...

Okay, the mysterious video screens with the concealed figures is a trope, almost a cliche... but I never really thought about it before. The Light has multiple sets of very elaborate, obviously expensive video screens that they use to talk to people. At least some of these things come down on impressive robot arms. Their only function is apparently to enable the person they are talking to to see each member of the Light so they have cameras that are specifically pointing at the individual members.

Why would you have such an elaborate setup whose only purpose is to show each member

AND THEN NOT SHOW THE MEMBERS? I mean, I get that these are deranged madmen (and madwoman) but didn't anybody ever think to ask why they were spending all that money on fancy, special video screens when they weren't going to show anything? Criminals are a superstitious, cowardly, and apparently a very silly lot.Oknight 01:02, April 28, 2011 (UTC)

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