The most important question raised by this episode...Do Wendy and (Super)Marvin have a talking dog?

I hope poor Mal Duncan has a less lame life than in his early Teen Titans history ("Hornblower" ! ... in an era of bad token-black Super Heroes, poor Mal was a strong contender for the worst)

Oh yeah, their teacher is Snapper Carr -- I thought I recognized him in "Welcome to Happy Harbor" -- the camera stays on him while he watches "Red Tornado" fly in.

Yay, Conner Kent has his name ("Wait, shouldn't I be Conner Nelson?" -snicker-). How PO'd is Superman going to be when he hears J'onn named him "Kent"? Wow - way to keep a secret, Green-boy.

I hope all the Megan/Conner fans got enough of a fix with this ep. -- I think I could hear the squeals echoing in the distance even as I watched it. (He's like, a YEAR old -- and she's almost 50 -- why am I thinking Micheal Jackson?)

Oh yeah, she's totally a white martian -- why else mention it?

So who is Roy working for, Checkmate? Infiltrator implied he was with some agency and those sunglases of his are serious tech -- IDing everybody by their height???

Cheshire's giving me that "Sportsmaster is her dad" vibe -- so I guess "Ar...chery girl" is her sister.

Sportsmaster's comment seems a bit deliberate/obvious if they're trying to keep something like a secret mole secret -- maybe he's been taking secret-keeping lessons from J'onn Oknight 04:12, June 15, 2011 (UTC)

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