Sphere is the Super Cycle from Forever People

Guys, while this falls under RAMPANT speculation, it is informed rampant speculation.

In the Cartoon network preview of upcoming Young Justice, Superboy is seen driving a large red vehicle with handlebars, it has large red structures on either side and there is a white dog in front of him. That vehicle looks to me a lot like the Forever People's Super Cycle. (You know the YJ creators loves their Jack Kirby)

Now Sphere was sent by Apokolips to Earth (not proven, but we know) and we first saw it being "tortured" in Bialya, like it was a person who they were trying to get to give up it's secrets. It helped Superboy and Miss Martian escape and became Superboy's "pet". It was jealous when Superboy was working on a motorcycle. It's "circuits" look like New Gods technology and many of the New Gods' tools are somewhat self-aware much like Sphere.

The Super Cycle from Forever People was a vehicle used by the New Genesis "family unit" of Mark Moonrider, Vykin the Black, Big Bear, Serafin, and Beautiful Dreamer when they became involved in fighting against Darkseid in his war to find the Anti-Life Equation. (They were present when Darkseid found and lost one human who actually comprehended the Anti-Life Equation)

The Super Cycle was like a motorcycle merged with pickup truck with a front seat set on the front wheel. It could create Boom Tubes, "Phase" (become insubstantial or teleport short distances), fly, or change shape. At one point, when the group had left the vehicle, it transformed into a kind of artillery emplacement.

Since the Super Cycle can change shape, that Sphere configuration would make perfect sense as a defensive mode for when it is captured by the enemy.

Looking it up in the DC Wikia, their illustration was from the old Comic series named Young Justice (I've never read it) -- so, like Dubbilex being associated with Superboy, there is recent precedent for this connection.


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