Great episode -- more than redeems last week's IMHO (well except for the veiwpoints that made no sense as part of a simulation) -- As a two-parter it works. THIS was the episode conclusion I was missing.

On to good stuff -- Yay! 4th World. Nice and appropriate uses of "Anti-Life" and Mother Box. Really interesting take on the Forever People. Highlight for me-- YEAH give Serifan six-guns! I NEVER got what Kirby was going for with that choice (I mean, I KNOW they're hippies -- peace, love, and flower power -- but CMON he's a COWBOY who uses MAGIC BULLETS and he doesn't carry guns?)

Interesting take on Infinity Man -- I'm perfectly OK with this (as a "person" IM was always kinda pointless -- aside from spouting corny monologues he had no defining characteristics whatsoever -- may as well make him a giant machine)

They're tooling around in the Whiz Wagon? Okay -- Earth 16.

Is there some reaon they aren't naming Darkseid?

Ugly Manheim -- I didn't check, did they give his full name in the credits.

"You're turning white" -- hmmm

Oh, and I'll just put this here to save comment space --

You MORONS stop parring Artemis and Kid Flash who she as the mole

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