While I still suspect Red Tornado as the best candidate for the Light's "operative", it occurs to me that Artemis could, quite possibly, be the person they referred to. Artemis seems deeply conflicted about her involvement with the Team, her body language shows she is participating reluctantly and we know she's a trained assasin subjected to "tests" by her father (who is presumably Sportsmaster, since she IS an existing DC Character Artemis Crock who is Sportsmaster's daughter in the comics).

But we all know Batman can't ever be fooled (or EVER seen when he "vanishes" (sure, why not)) and he's involved with Artemis being on the team. So PERHAPS the Light THINKS Artemis is an operative for them, being a double agent, but Batman knows this, knows Artemis is doing this reluctantly (no doubt her mother is threatened) and is playing along intending to use Artemis as a TRIPLE agent and thus get at the Light.

By the way, thinking about this... We know one of the "Light" is Ra's Al Ghul. In EVERY appearence of Ra's, from his very first story, and in every meduim, the single thing that distinguishes Ra's from every other villian is that he UNEQUIVICALLY KNOWS that Batman is Bruce Wayne -- he ALWAYS knows -- he's so smart that he figured it out. So what's going on, is he just not fully sharing with his comrades (very likely and in character) or does everybody working with the Light know Dick Grayson is Robin? (since NOT to know that if you know Bruce is Batman requires you to be so dumb that you'd be fooled by a disguise consisting of a pair of glasses -- also BTW I contend Superman actually changes his face just a little, it helps me sleep nights -- he had that power in the 40's and it only takes the smallest of changes to make one person look like somebody else-- comic art lines aren't that exact -- but then I digress) Oknight 23:53, May 12, 2011 (UTC)

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