Interesting perspectives on character's judgements in this week's episode.

First off...

OK, Artemis is faced with TWO equals of "one of the Powerhouses of the League" and all she has to work with are the contents of the trophy room. Lets see, should she choose the single metal-tipped arrow that gives her one shot at hitting a tiny connection while she is attacked by two super-powerful Androids? Yes, that's the choice she makes. Of course, its right there on the shelf next to an object that would make her more powerful than Superman and Green Lantern put together -- Doctor Fate's helmet!. But I guess that would mean getting icky magic stuff all over her, so better to just try the badass arrow thing and ASSUME that Robin's jury-rigged EM pulse is set up fine (no loose wires or anything even though it was hit by a giant blasting wave of seawater).

Great judgement there Artemis.

Aqualad, the team's leader. Hmmm, a real challenge for him. How to determine who the potential traitor on the team is... Should he ask Batman, the League's brainbox and world's greatest detective? No? Maybe he should try the guy who the world's greatest detective has trained? Well, maybe Robin is the traitor and just hasn't bothered betraying Batman and the League (who's data systems he has the complete run of) -- I guess that's too big a risk. Maybe he should rely on his OWN detective skills... Let's see, "Hi guys... ummm... anybody having trouble with their... school??? ... y'know Loyalties?.... ummm, anybody been tweeting Sportsmaster and the League of Shadows????"


Robin on the other hand... WOW. Dick Grayson kicks ass and totally lives up to being Batman's partner. Just think about the levels involved in the split-second fake attack that gets him communication with Wally -- what all did he do there just to get a com link next to KF's ear? Talk about judgement -- the guy is completely ready to lead this team now -- just look at how he coordinates Artemis, Flash/Superboy, and his own abilities seamlessly while thinking two moves ahead of the 'bots. That's a real character development in the few months since their first mission -- he's over the whole "of course you should know the awesome things I'm thinking before I've even thought them" issue.

Aqualad can step down now -- the team will be ten times as effective with this 13-year-old kid in charge.

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