Okay, (dammit, didn't realize the "recent activity" preview would ignore spaces -- sorry to anybody who got spoilered against their will) Spoiler space, Spoiler space, Spoiler space, etc.

So at the end of Young Justice # 2 we learn that the entire experience was the creation of one of Superboy's G- Gnomes-- one of the ones that had been telepathically feeding him information while he was being trained at Cadmus.

Red Tornado helpfully explains that the G-Gnome must have gotten into Mt. Justice before the upgrade was complete and security was online. But, how did the G-Gnome know to go to Mt. Justice? Wasn't Superboy only there AFTER the upgrade? (Ignoring the question of how a G-Gnome gets from Washington to Happy Harbour). Still it was remarkably helpful of RT to explain the the creature used for mental control was NOT put there by The Light to try to re-take control of Superboy and CERTAINLY not brought into the mountain by somebody within the League itself working for The Light. If he hadn't offered that explanation, somebody might have wondered.

Red Tornado is such a good friend to the kids.Oknight 00:16, March 22, 2011 (UTC)

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