Browsing through the back episodes to research comments this week -- something occured to me.

I just want to say -- Wally is REALLY dedicated to preserving his secret identity. Kid Flash getting creamed at dodgeball??? I mean, I know he's a science nerd (nice touch BTW, this Wally actually INTENDED (apparently) to duplicate Flash's powers), but there's a limit! How hard is it to move just that much faster than the balls when you've got super-speed?

Either Wally is an even BIGGER doofus than he usually seems on missions, or he's willing to take some serious knockage and school humiliation to play Clark Kent.

While I'm at it, why do super-speedsters never study martial arts? If Wally had the most basic beginning of combat skills he could totally slaughter the best martial artist with his speed advantage.

Bruce Timm in the JLU commentary on the Flash/Luthor episode noted that it gave them a chance to show how THEIR Wally could have totally defeated every enemy the Justice League ever faced if he thought of all the things he could do with Super Speed. (and, he noted, that's why they never had him figure it out -- story's over)

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