I no longer have the copy of the second episode on Tivo -- just the combined pilot from December

but I noticed when I watched it that it had voice credits for the actors playing "The Light" with character names listed. I noticed Kobra, Sports Master and Professor Ivo but didnt' keep track -- I just assumed that obsessive fans would list them online, but I haven't seen references. Anybody still have it to check?

Also, interesting that Artemis Crock in mainstream DC comics continuity is very consistently a villian (3rd version of "The Tigress"). I don't think she's a villian in YJ (and I just assume that the "agent" of the Light they refer to is Superboy who they presumably have some stealthy mental contol over that they can use), Because it seems to me that she is too obviously being set-up to make viewers THINK she's a villian and because her presence on the team is a Batman plot (and he's very rarely portrayed as having been taken in)

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