A Blog Post for the Lovers of Young Justice

If you do not like the new season of Young Justice I am sorry but do not rant here please.

So, I have seen many people complain about season 2 and say how bad it is so I decided to do a blog about how much I like YJ, but first I must bow down to the great Greg for his great episode this Saturday. Now the things I love about the new season:

  1. I loved the time skip I thought it gave the show alot more mystery and tension
  2. I like having some of the charcters grow up and see their personalities change
  3. I love having the new members of the team even Lagoon Boy
  4. I love the idea of the Team having to protect the Earth from an alien invasion and try to take over their mentors places while the mentors are gone.
  5. I love how they put characters in the show that I never thought I would see (Lian and Bart)
  6. I like the great writing and story telling

I love YJ so much and hope it can continue for more seasons. I hope the people who own YJ realize the lovers are louder than the haters and we want to keep this show on for many more seasons. I know so many people who are hooked on this show and have bought all the DVDs so just keep doing what you are doing owners.

                              Well thats my love rant
                                                    Until next time,

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