This is the official “Happy Birthday Dick Grayson!” blog created by me, NightwingOfTheFuture, to congratulate the fictional character Richard Grayson an extremely spectacular, phenomenal, amazing, and outstanding sixteenth birthday. Being the ultimate and devoted fanatic of Dick in Earth-16 that I am -- as well as all and every other version of him to have been created and existed -- I have taken my time to create this congratulatory blog in his honor. May all of his birthday wishes come (or have come) true! Please, feel free to post your “Happy Birthday!”s and “I LOVE YOU DICK OMG YOU ROCK”s below. REFRAIN from off-topic conversation and inappropriate language. 

Note: For more information (History, Personality, Abilities, Equipment, Relationships, Occupation, Etc.) on Dick Grayson, click the link above.

Also Note: I am currently too busy to write that five paragraph letter I was planning on doing for months. I apologize to everyone.

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