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  • NightwingOfTheFuture

    This is the official “Happy Birthday Dick Grayson!” blog created by me, NightwingOfTheFuture, to congratulate the fictional character Richard Grayson an extremely spectacular, phenomenal, amazing, and outstanding sixteenth birthday. Being the ultimate and devoted fanatic of Dick in Earth-16 that I am -- as well as all and every other version of him to have been created and existed -- I have taken my time to create this congratulatory blog in his honor. May all of his birthday wishes come (or have come) true! Please, feel free to post your “Happy Birthday!”s and “I LOVE YOU DICK OMG YOU ROCK”s below. REFRAIN from off-topic conversation and inappropriate language. 

    Note: For more information (History, Personality, Abilities, Equipment, Relationsh…

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  • NightwingOfTheFuture

    So, I had only finished my homework moments earlier when I decided to surf the web (before my daily stop at the wiki). You know, the usual: Roleplaying as Nightwing, creating my Nightwing character profile in another roleplay, re-reading everything about Nightwing including his history in comics and TV serieses since creation, checking out some Nightwing pics, and other stuff. What I wasn't expecting was to find a totally badass video game that features a plethora of DC superheroes and villains. But what's better than a game with DC heroes? One that lets you beat others up.

    • The Website
    • The Trailer
    • Catwoman rapes Batman
    • Green Arrow!
    • NIGHTWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......oh and Superman.
    • MORE NIGHTWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............and c…

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  • NightwingOfTheFuture

    So, here's my roleplay idea so far. Feel free to comment and critique it as well as include if your interested.


    Nightwing creates a virtual reality training exercise within the cave. The purpose of the training exercise is, obviously, for training and bettering his team, building teamwork among many other things within each and every one of them. Basically, members of the Team are divided evenly into two groups, balancing each other out both in quantity and ability (superhuman powers and abilities). Then, both teams will work together to defeat the other and gain points judged and rewarded by Nightwing. These points can be given and even TAKEN AWAY in a wide range of numbers based on various factors, including: teamwork, creativity, su…

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  • NightwingOfTheFuture

    So, as all of you are surely aware, Young Justice: Invasion is back on the air starting Saturday, September 29th with an all new episode, Satisfaction (and new episodes following weekly from then on). Anyone else excited for some more Nightwing?.............oh, and all that other stuff? Give me you feedback on what you are looking foward/your concerns/etc. for the upcoming episode and episodes of Young Justice by answering the questions below.

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