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  • Nightingale321

    Season 2 Kickoff

    April 29, 2012 by Nightingale321

    Just saw the beginning of season 2 this morning. I. Am. Not. Happy. Really, they HAD to skip 5 YEARS? It's like what they did with Ghost Whisperer. Ugh! Wally, Artemis, and Kaldur are missing. Superboy and Miss Martian are broken up. We have NEW main characters now instead of the old Team. Robin is now Nightwing and the new Robin is, of all people, TIM DRAKE?! And what about the light? Did Zatanna just magic them out of existance or something? This season had better get good fast, or I'm going to explode. At least they have Tim Curry in, even if he plays a jerk.

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  • Nightingale321

    Just wondering what everyone was thinking about season 2. I've heard it's about and alien invasion, and I'm not exactly pleased with that. It just kind of seems predictable. As for the final episode, I think a few too many problems were solved. I'm glad Superman finally reconciled with Superboy though. Wally and Artemis might have come on a bit too strong, although I love the pairing. Maybe a little more hesitance would have been nice? As for Robin and Zatanna, I'm thouroughly unhappy. I don't like the pairing, or Zatanna for that matter. Rocket and Kaldur kissing was nice. It opened up a whole bunch of new possibilities. And the real Roy Harper to finish things off. Great twist, but did anyone else notice that half of his right arm was mi…

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