Young Justice Movie

Ok i Guest the pilot was a movie but maybe another movie, my plot for this movie is: the team disbanded after they defeated the light, then the Justice leauge mysteriously disapeared and Nightwing found a way to find them, but he needed help so he contacts a comrade and told him about the plan and contacts the other team members, and they found out the Justice Leauge is being mind controled by the enemy, and they fight them but eventually they(The team) deafeted the Leauge and the enemy but the enemy escapes and told them IT IS NOT OVER leading to season three.

Note:i did not told the name of the enemy because We will never Know if they already capture the enemy in season 2 NEXT i didn't put the name of the members of the team and the comrade because like i said we will never know if someone will die in season 2.

Put Garth in the team

it's in The title

Put in new Characters

Cyborg,Raven,Starfire,Deathstroke The terninator,Jason as Redhood.ETC

Note i know i did this on my other blog

Okay those are my ideas, coment down below your ideas

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