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    This one Is Just for Fun.

    Well basically you create your own character by mixing em' up

    for exam ple we take this one and this one Mix and match em' and create…Lagoon Lad.

    Real Name: L'Gann'ahm


    • Hydrokinesis
    • Atlantean Sorcery
    • Inflation: He can use Atlantean magic to enlarge his body, dramatically increasing his strength and durability.
    • Atlantean physiology: Enables him to breathe underwater, as well as on the surface.

    Bio: L'Gann'ahm was born on Shayeris, his father worked for Black Manta while his mother had raised him, he joined the Conservatory of Sorcery at the age of 14, he joined the team when he was 17.

    So that's how you do em but a little longer bio

    To be added

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    Season 3 fanfic

    June 23, 2012 by MelJandre18

    Greg already replied to some questions in AskGreg if there is gonna be a season 3 then There will be another timeskip so i created this blog to see your ideas and combine them post it here and announce the best idea ever of course i won't participate it's just because of that stupid haitus and i'm also bored.

    Okay so here is how to do it.

    Young Justice the title

    Main Plot

    Who are the enemies? Who are Allies?

    Then i'll raly it up post it up in the blog and kind of combine them announce the best ideas each week and then announce the winner in July 23, 2012.

    Best ideas This week

    Since Season 1 Main villain were just a lot of big villains of DC Comics.

    And Season 2 Main Villain are Aliens.

    I Believe that the Season 3 villains are going to be interdimens…

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    Who is your favorite villian ?

    Hello guys just something to share,

    Who is your favorite villian ? is it Vandal Savage ? Is it Lex Luthor ? Comment down bellow and tell us your favorite villain.

    My Favorites are:

    1.)Ra's al Ghul









    10.)Lex Luthor

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    Young Justice Movie

    Ok i Guest the pilot was a movie but maybe another movie, my plot for this movie is: the team disbanded after they defeated the light, then the Justice leauge mysteriously disapeared and Nightwing found a way to find them, but he needed help so he contacts a comrade and told him about the plan and contacts the other team members, and they found out the Justice Leauge is being mind controled by the enemy, and they fight them but eventually they(The team) deafeted the Leauge and the enemy but the enemy escapes and told them IT IS NOT OVER leading to season three.

    Note:i did not told the name of the enemy because We will never Know if they already capture the enemy in season 2 NEXT i didn't put the name of the members of th…

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    ok guys who do you think is the most annoying character in YJI i personally dislike that annoying Lagoon boy "NEPTUNES BEARD" what kind of catch phrase is that?!?.

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