• Mannke

    Lagoon Boy

    June 15, 2012 by Mannke

    I have to admit that La'gaan is a jerk, and wrote this post after seeing a lot of La'gaan bashing/defending on the Internet. I'm going to wait till the end of the series to pass final judgement though, after seeing if he gets character development. So, right now, I'm neutral towards him. Allow me to put things into perspective:

    • La'gaan is M'gann's second boyfriend, after Conner- CONNER, who probably had the biggest impact on M'gann's life- ever. The same can be be said about her impact on him. I think it's pretty obvious that their relationship was special. And you'd have to be blind not to notice the tension that builds up when Conner and M'gann are in the same room.
    • La'gaan is Kaldur's replacement in two ways: to Aquaman and the Team. He's…

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