• Mage cat

    Timeskip Rants

    May 1, 2012 by Mage cat

    Okay, I have now seen what feels like ten billion complaints about the timeskip, and how the first season left so many dangeling plotlines that people feel have been skipped over. I have to know. What are you talking about? As far I can see the questions left at the end of Auld Acquaintance were just "What are the Light's plans" and "What will happen to the original Roy?" When we skip to five years later, I can guess what's happened in the meantime.

    The Light has spent the past five years scheming in the background. The Team and the League have likely foiled a minor plan here and there, but Phase Two continues. Phase One took at least three years after all. The climax of Phase Two is likely tied into the expected invasion. Remember that the…

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  • Mage cat

    One Particular Alien

    April 29, 2012 by Mage cat

    Greg has stated in an interview that mulitiple alien races will be coming to Earth in season two. What does everyone think the chances are that Starfire will be introduced?

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