• M Parindey

    Greg Weisman said that one of the themes for Young Justice: Invasion is "Growing Up/Coming of Age". I think that this would apply particularly to the newer/younger members of the team (Tim, Cassie, Jaime, Garfield, La'gaan, Bart, and any newcomers who join in future episodes). How do you think this applies to them?

    My speculations on the current newbies:

    Tim: I hope we get to see him develop as a leader, like we did with Dick in the first season, but in a different way which allows him to develop his own style, and set him apart from Dick in terms of personality. I'd also like see him live up to (or at least show him developing into) his comic reputation as the smartest Robin, someone who's a better detective than Batman.

    Cassie: "Beneath" shows …

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