So I've been reading some blogs around here and alot of people are trying figure out the identity of the person serving the light on the inside of the team.

Some people are saying it's Superboy because he might still be under control of the Genomorphs. I have to disagree with those people. Why? Because he's in love with Megan! (No matter how much some of you wish it to be a lie) They nearly kissed in Bereft, why would a Genomorph make him kiss her? Can someone answer this question 'cause I really want to know why.

I'm kind of leaning toward Artemis on this whole debate. Considering the fact that she's not Green Arrow's niece and that Batman and Red Arrow already know. Everyone is saying it's Artemis but I believe when the time comes she'll turn her back on The Light. (If she is working for them)

I'm betting all my money on Red Tornado. Remember how in the first episode, when all the League members are going off on a mission Red Tornado looks back at Robin and the others? That and the fact that he doesn't help the team when they ask for it. I actually think that this Red Tornado is a clone, like Mister Twister.

What do you say? Am I missing anyone? Leave a comment about what you think.

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