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  • I live in AZ
  • I was born on November 15
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  • LupusLover

    I've been away for quite some time and I have no clue about what's happening on the show. People are saying it's coming back for a third season, others are saying it's not. Can someone explain what's going on here? Are we getting new episodes or not?

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  • LupusLover

    Whoa, the Brain is french? And Monsieur Mallah can't talk? What is going on?!

    This might just be because I've been watching Teen Titans my whole life but I'm almost positive that the Brain isn't french and Mallah can talk.

    However I could be wrong...

    Did they make any other TV appearences? Was the Brain french in them? Did Mallah talk?

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  • LupusLover


    April 17, 2011 by LupusLover

    Does anyone else find it kind of funny that whenever a villian fails a mission The Light replies, "Yeah, you screwed up big time. But we got what we wanted anyway."?

    By the way, what is The Light? Is it like some sort of oragnization or something? I mean, what's they're purpose?

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  • LupusLover

    What the firetruck?

    April 14, 2011 by LupusLover

    Hey Matthewryan100, just going around and putting 'your awesome' on all the pages isn't exactly helping the wiki. You're just stating opinions. That and your grammar/spelling is appaling.

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  • LupusLover


    April 6, 2011 by LupusLover

    Out of pure curiosity, I was wondering what your favorite quotes are from the characters. A lot of people's answers are usually, "Anything out of Robin's mouth" or something like that. But I want an actual quote from the show.

    Personally I like everything that's said on the show, but if I had to pick a quote from every character I'd choose...
    Robin: "If 'dislike' is the opposite of 'like', is 'disaster' the opposite of 'aster'? See, instead of things going wrong, they go right!"

    Kid Flash: ...Souvenir.

    Aqualad: I can hear you glaring.

    Superboy: Can I keep it?

    Miss Martian: Hello Megan!

    Artemis: Where I come from, that's how you survive.

    Again I ask, what are your favorite quotes?

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