- Go to the page or category

- Look at the column on the RIGHT side of the screen (before editing it)

- Find "Add a photo" (has 3 images under it.)

- RIGHCLICK the blue button "Add a photo' (open a new tab/window)

Now, you've made it to Special:Upload, the original place to upload images.

- Scroll down

- copy & past this:


| description = Superboy goes to meet Miss Martian.

| season = 1

| episode = 2

| source = HD

| origin =

| license = screenshot

Change it to what is related to YOUR picture. (Only have this on once in the white box)

- Upload your picture in “chose file”

- Images should be: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, ico, pdf

- Destination filename needs to be very specific/detailed

- Image should be at least 300px, unless it’s a non cropped picture then go for around 600px for lots of detail.

- Description for caption needs to be nicely detailed too (what goes under the image when it’s on the page)


Description: A short description of the image, preferably with some context.

Season: use numerals (1 or 2).

Episode: use numerals (1-26, or 1-5 etc)


1. "TV" for TV screenshots;

"comic" for comic images;

2. Origin: If taken from other site, state it like so: [url Site Name]

3. License:

"screenshot" for non-free images;

"dvd cover" for DVD covers;

"promotional" for promotional images;

If you have any problems, I CAN NOT help you! This is all I know! But I hope it helps!

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