This story was DARK!

K, Well I guess the ‘B’ Story line here was about Scarab and company. It would seem this team isn’t very close as SB doesn’t know about Scarab and how he’s in Jaimes head/mind…SURE! Whatever! No one’s close w anyone, except for a few kids that R dating w some of the others, but know nothing about the rest of their team…SURE! WHY NOT!

Jaime Reyes


So basically the new evil was trafficking children, for God, and Greg only know! At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they then sold some of THOSE kids to the sex trade for money to fuel their little project. Guys, you don’t even know! This show is edging/talking about Heroin! (@RoyHarper) & sexually active youths (@Wallis) Cut/Mutilated children (@TheRealRoyHarper@15) Abusive parents (@Sportsmaster) Abusive relationships (@ThatMissingKidsMomsB/F) AND! SPEAKING OF THAT!

Jaime BFFs moms ‘new’ boyfriend who CLEARLY beats the crap out of both the mom & son, then the mom who defends it?? It’s like Stockholm syndrome guys! That crap is SERIOUS!!!!



…oh right! Also, The girls went on a mission of their own! JUST CUZ! :) I loved Batgirl called Nighwing out! …R they dating? Anyone know? I’m gonna say they probably are! …They Def R! It’s probably just a sexual relationship given how this show’s going!

Also, that bumblebee girl, is funny! I luv her so bad!

A/N - & 4 those of you wondering if I went to Stanford, YES I did. But I clearly did not take English! So go die if your gonna be a bitch about it  :)

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