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    guys, I’m back to talk about the crazy that was Bloodline!

    OHH MAN!!

    K, IDK where to start…K. I’ll start with the fact the little Mrs. Jade deemed it appropriate to bring a 6ish month old baby with her to Tibet…You know what, FINE! Lets pretend no one knows she had Roys (what R we calling him now?) baby! No one knew, and it’s been like a year now and she kept that crap hidden. Good for her! Her sister has no idea, and I guess she hid out in a cave. WHY NOT!

    But I am not gonna watch this show and believe that the new (old?) evil kept the Real Harper in a cold room surrounded by about a hundred guards, that NOT ONLY let these young adults slip past them, but were ALL taken down by them? And they have no injuries from said event? But somehow The …

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  • Lorisa214


    This story was DARK!

    K, Well I guess the ‘B’ Story line here was about Scarab and company. It would seem this team isn’t very close as SB doesn’t know about Scarab and how he’s in Jaimes head/mind…SURE! Whatever! No one’s close w anyone, except for a few kids that R dating w some of the others, but know nothing about the rest of their team…SURE! WHY NOT!

    So basically the new evil was trafficking children, for God, and Greg only know! At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they then sold some of THOSE kids to the sex trade for money to fuel their little project. Guys, you don’t even know! This show is edging/talking about Heroin! (@RoyHarper) & sexually active youths (@Wallis) Cut/Mutilated children (@TheRealRoyHarper@15) Abusive p…

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    - Go to the page or category

    - Look at the column on the RIGHT side of the screen (before editing it)

    - Find "Add a photo" (has 3 images under it.)

    - RIGHCLICK the blue button "Add a photo' (open a new tab/window)

    Now, you've made it to Special:Upload, the original place to upload images.

    - Scroll down

    - copy & past this:


     | description = Superboy goes to meet Miss Martian.

     | season = 1

     | episode = 2

     | source = HD

     | origin =

     | license = screenshot

    Change it to what is related to YOUR picture. (Only have this on once in the white box)

    - Upload your picture in “chose file”

    - Images should be: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, ico, pdf

    - Destination filename needs to be very specific/detailed

    - Image should be at least 300px, unless it’s a …

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    This episode was interesting, but then in the last 3 minutes it got AWESOME! So Artemis & Wally are together still! For over 5 years. Both 21 & 22 and going to university & living together. Good for them! They both seemed like the underdogs when it came to relationships & education. I'm very happy they are the only once that lasted, and are taking a break to go to STANFORD UNIVERSITY!!! Come on people! That's why they live in Palo Alto! Palo Alto goes with Stanford like McD goes with fries! Plus Artemis's shirt! RED & WHITE PPL! (That's Stanfords shirt 4 sure! BTW, I used to go there, SO I know this crap! :) )

    I kinda love that Red Arrow married Artemiss sister! That's cool that all 4 of them would have been on …

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