OK.Leena1445 here. So I came up with an idea that I DID NOT steal (no Tupka,I made this up,I'm pretty sure there isn't another one) ....the hot Bat-Family (especially Nightwing and Robin II)! Who out of all of the Bat-Family,ALL of them,Dick Grayson,Tim Drake,Jason Todd,Stephanie Brown,Terry,Bruce,AND Damien Wayne,AND all the others,do you love?But one thing- I am considering you vote mainly on Barbara,Dick,Bruce,Steph,Jason,and Tim because,I mean,this is YOUNG JUSTICE WIKI,not BAT FAMILY WIKI.Voting for Terry,Damien,and all the others is OK know what I mean.Let's see which character is the most hottest and best from: THE BAT-FAMILY.

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