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  • I live in Budapest
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is Life artist (a talentless one)
  • I am Brutally macho male
  • Leathercock

    This one is building up for a long time now, I just didn't felt to start a flame war.

    So, I think Miss Martian will be an antagonist in the future. She might be the creepiest character on the show, and we all saw Desaad. Why? Let me go back to her first appearence. She started as a naive, sweet, if somewhat annoying girl, with a huge crush on Superboy. I liked her, though she had her... off moments. Like the time she asked Superboy, to help her out in the kitchen, and... well, what the hell you think happened? I'm not implicating anything, not yet, so moving on. Next stop, Byalia. I'm not the first one to point out, how she left Aqualad to his fate, and charged out, to save her crush. Justifiable? She could just as easily pointed to Sb's di…

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  • Leathercock

    Okay it's 4 a.m. and I'm starting to think I'll never sleep again. But this insomnia gives me great opportunity to waste my time, so I used my moderate brainpower, to think about fictional animated characters. I really need a girlfriend. Moving on.

    Zatanna appeared in only two episodes to this point, but the majority of YJ fans already dislike her. I found it strange, that the creators, whom to this point nailed the characters pretty well missed like this, so I mused a bit about what might be the cause of her characters involvement.

    It was clear, that the team needed at least one more female member. Just to even the testosteron a bit. That was what I would done. But why Zatanna? I'm not familiar with her popularity, but I think she doesn't h…

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  • Leathercock

    Okay, not to be provoking or anything but after watching Revelations like eight times, I just have to ask for your opinion. Did anybody else noticed how incredibly stupid this plot was? No, not the plot, the characters reactions to it. Mostly Batman's.

    I'm not saying, this was a bad episode, it was one of the best, just short of getting into the top 3. Then what bugs me this much? Except for the horrid voicechoice for the Joker.

    I assume you watched this episode, so I won't recite the plot. Just the stupidity.

    Exactly how did Batman become the leader of the most powerful organization of the planet? The League seems to listen to what he has to say, which is in this episode sadly child endangerment at best, criminal negligience at worst.

    He send…

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