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    Big plans for Blue Beetle, Barbara Gordon, Lobo and more revealed.

    You know all those times you've wished you could see all of your favorite heroes from the DC Universe in one show? Well 'Young Justice' is doing just that. At WonderCon today, they showed off a trailer for Season 2 that introduced new characters and revealed the theme of next season: invasion.

    Just what kind of invasion? You guessed it: Aliens. Young Justice is headed to the stars and going on away missions. Producer Brandon Vietti said whereas they kept the first season grounded and realistic, the second season will have all kinds of crazy science fiction stuff. The team will leave the planet and go on a mission to Rann. And since aliens are a part of the DC universe, Greg Wei…

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    I am in a rush, so I will make this short.

    New Young Justice Invasion character designs. Expect some spoilers.

    Click here

    So, what do you guys think?

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    Failsafe American Flag

    November 7, 2011 by LLight

    After watching Failsafe again and reading the "goofs" section in the article, I noticed one of the goofs is that there were 48 stars on the flag instead of 50. Is this really a goof? By the time we see the American flag, it was established that Megan's subconscious mind had taken over. From what we know, Megan's primary source of information on the human race is from classic sitcoms. I was always terrible when it came to history, but if I am not as big a fail as I believe I am and too lazy to do a google search, Hawaii and Alaska did not become states until the late 1950's.

    With all that said, is it really a goof, or some epic pedantic addition on part of Greg and co.? Or am I totally wrong and of total fail?

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    This is taken straight from the above site.

    Two new clips, from the upcoming Young Justice episode "Targets," were released this past weekend during San Diego Comic-Con 2011.

    Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation released two clips from the upcoming Young Justice episode "Targets" during the weekend San Diego Comic-Con 2011 event. The clips were released to promote the slate of upcoming new episodes of Young Justice set to hit Cartoon Network Fall 2011.

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    This pretty much confirms no new episodes for August.

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    YJ update from Greg

    July 13, 2011 by LLight

    This is taken straight from his site

    We have aired episodes 101-109 (i.e. Season One, episodes 1-9).

    (Yes, episode 110 accidentally was posted on Cartoon Network's website, but I'm going to pretend that never happened.)

    Episodes 110-115 are in the can, i.e. they are completed and ready to air.

    Episode 116 awaits only the final on-line, i.e. the final review of the episode. This has been delayed ONLY because I've been out sick this week.

    Episode 117 will have it's sound mix on Friday. (I hope to be back at work by then.)

    Episode 118 has been edited and work progresses on scoring and sound effects.

    Episode 119 is ready to begin post-production.

    Episodes 120-123 are being animated in Korea.


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