This is probably just wishful thinking on my part, but do any of you think we might see the Female Furies during Young Justice: Invasion?? We already saw that the Intergang is using technology from Apokolips and New Genesis that they got from Desaad and The Light seems to be getting resources like The Sphere via the boom-tubes. We all know that Darkseid has to be involved, but I wonder if by introducing Apokolips, that we will be seeing The Furies. I was recently watching Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, and the fight between Wonder Woman, Big Barda, and The Female Furies was so impressive and exciting. I would love to see The Team go up against these fierce females.

What do you all think? Does anyone else want to see The Female Furies? Which Furies would you like to see on the roster? Do you think the The Team can take them on? If the Furies do end up making an appearance, do you think Big Barda will show up too?

I would personally love to see Granny Goodness lead a roster of these Female Furies against The Team: Lashina, Stompa, Mad Harriet, Bloody Mary, Speed Queen, Wunda, Malice Vundabar, and Gilotina.

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