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    My comments!

    October 18, 2011 by Kelvin15Brasil

    Hi guys, my name is Kelvin and here I wish to comment on the series in general! I hope you enjoy! And Brazilians like me, are worshiping Young Justice!

    The Team

    1 - Superboy , I really like it, primarily because he's a character we're following, from the first action in Cadmus, and now he is fighting bravemente to be recognized as a person and not a clone! I see much potential in him, and still can turn a lot of history around it, an example is Superman finally accept!

    2 - Artemis , Dangerous, mysterious, sensual, ironic, brave and smart! I love it, I'm crazy about her past coming forth!

    3 - Robin , Honestly because it has a high profile in Teen Titans, I was not happy that he has been cast in Young Justice, but after seeing it, I loved it, it…

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