After seeing the "Surviving this Hiatus" blog, and seeing that everyone was looking for something to do until the end of this hiatus, I thought I do something to kill some time.

I want you to use your imagination and create a group of heroes. I know the create a team blog has been done, but this is diferent. Here you will create a duo (2 heroes), a trio (3 heroes), or a team (4+ heroes) made up of any heroes you like. But that's not all, if you want you can explain why you chose to agroup those heroes.



-Blue Beetle & Cyborg (I chose theese two, first because they're two of my favorite heroes and because they can both turn their arm into a gun.)


-Beast Boy, Vixen & Animal Man ( I chose them because they all are animal themed heroes.)


-Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin & Robin (I chose these because I LOVE THE BAT-FAMILY)

-Flamebird, Oracle, Black Bat & Batgirl (Same as before.)

Hope this helps to keep your mind buisy for a while! :)

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