Before I start I wanna say that this are some theories I found on the web and heard from friends, so I don't agree with most of them or belife them to be true (Btw they're only 3). These theories are about three characters that people think they’ll appear or want them to appear on YJ. The first 2 are very controversial which are Red Hood and Red X, a lot of people say that they don't even exist in Earth-16, but there's a group that thinks otherwise. Her are the explanations on how they could exist:

  • Red Hood: A year after season one Robin (Dick) became Nightwing and immediately Batman took Jason Todd as the new Robin. Jason was Robin for about 3 years and then the incident with the Joker happened and Jason died but was later revived and he became Red Hood (Who is an anti-hero).

  • Red X: People claim he could be a clone of Dick Grayson (I know that clones have been overused, but like I said Ididn’t make this, I just edited them to be more credible). They say that the DNA sample that was “destroyed” in Fireworks wasn’t destroyed and that it was used to create a clone. From here on this theory breaks down to two, one is that he was cloned immediately and that Red X has been hiding and training, the other is that the cloning was cancelled and the DNA frozen. It wasn’t until recently he was cloned so he still looks like a young Dick Grayson.

    • If they really appear on YJ and Red X is a clone of YOUNG Dick it would be awesome if they could be a duo(Red Hood & Red X). Just Saying ;)

  • Damian Wayne: On August 27 2009 Batman rebuke Talia’s attempt t a relationship because of her father. Maybe something happened between them before that and Talia got pregnant. So if it’s like in the comics that Batman didn’t know about Damian until he was 8 (I think) he could appear after May 2018 (Which could be after another timeskip)

Thanks for readibg and please comment and give your thoughts!!! ;)


This "theory" (if it can even be called a theory) really made me laugh!! I think someone might have mention it here before but I don't know. Before I start let me say this MORE CLONES!!! Ok this is quite simple... So when they where doing Project Kr. and Project Match Cadmus was also working on a super secret project, Project --insert name here-- which was creating a clone of batman!! And blah blah blah (you all know what happened) blahblah blah and the result of that project was called Terry McGuinnis a.k.a. Batman Beyond!!!!! something happened and he became a good guy and he joined The Team/League. The End :) hahahahahahahhaa

Thanks for reading and COMMENT!! Now let the ranting begin!! hahaha

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