• Jncera

    No new episode on the 28th

    October 20, 2011 by Jncera

    Does anyone know why?

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  • Jncera

    Livestream of New Episodes

    October 6, 2011 by Jncera

    From yjfanvids

    For All Young Justice Fans!

    Alright, since last week I saw some people that had missed the episode since they unable to find a link for a Livestream, I re-posting this.

    The link:

    Just a few notes.

    This link is for the CN channel, meaning that you can reuse it every single week, so just bookmark it, and re-use!

    This link works outside of the US. I myself am not in the US, but I can watch it perfectly fine.

    This livestream is on an EST timezone, meaning that the show is on at 6:30pm.

    Please spread this around.

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  • Jncera

    Spoiler Alert!

    Um. The only words I have are... THAT WAS F**KING EPIC.



    Oh, and Artemis, I think you owe Wally a kiss for him saving your arrow.

    And the Robin/Artemis ships have set sail.

    P.S. I didn't know it was humanly possible to love Artemis even more.


    On another note, thoughts on Red Tornado being the mole? At first I was willing to believe it, but what if when he got zapped by the robot, he somehow got reprogrammed into being evil? Hmmm..

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  • Jncera

    Spoiler alert!

    Did any one else yell "OMG!" when M'gann and Superboy finally kissed at the end? I was definitely NOT expecting that. I was expecting some mushy hug, or "Are you okay??", but not a full blown make-out session.

    Also, I could have done without the noises M'gann was making -_-

    I felt terrible for Icicle Jr. though. I'm pretty sure it was a very WTF moment for him to 1) see "siblings" make-out 2) see the girl he was going for make out with her twin brother/his pal 3) watch as one of the siblings turned into a Justice League sidekick and 4) realize that he was in big doodoo.

    Oh gee. If he didn't need therapy before this, I'm sure he's down to visit the prison psychiatrist/Light member now.

    All in all, that was a good episode, and I'm …

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