Okay lately I know that a lot of you have been debaiting on the whole love interest things going on such as who Artemis should be with and if Robin needs a love interest. I'm curious how many of you really think that almost every person should be with some one else. Frankly I think that one or two couples is fine but everyone? Nah I mean we might as well be watching like a soap opera or something. This is an action/adventure show right? So I think that we should just stick to that. Some stuff would be fine because I mean lets face it, thats what really keeps a lot of us interested in watching the show. I remember when I was like 12 (I'm 14 btw) I saw Teen Titans for the first time and I saw Stranded so I saw that the next episode was on and I kept on watching it (you know cause that episode is pretty much just about Robin and Starfire) because I wanted to see if Robin and Starfire would get together. The more I saw it the more I liked it and from there I realised that I still loved cartoons (its a long story after that trust me). But my point is some stuff is good but not too much and so far, this show has done a really good job of doing that (in my opinion anyways) but who knows for the future. What are your thoughts?

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