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    I’ve been thinking and compiling knowledge from the comics that could apply to Young Justice. I know the show has not and will not follow the comics exactly, but most of the characters are somewhat the same; just some of the details are different.

    With that said, here goes. SPOILERS could be ahead. Some of this you guys have already assumed on your own, or maybe all of it. I'm going to assume you haven't.

    Impulse is from the future, and he could have access to knowledge about the past (more than just secret identities, like he has already shown). Jaime seems to be very important in the grand scheme of things, since the storyline in tie-in comic issues 20-25 details his recruitment. On top of that, he has had a prominent role in 4/9 episodes …

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    Obviously, the premiere of Invasion has left everyone with mixed to negative ideas about the rest of the season. The purpose of this blog post is to talk about these changes in a civilized manner, in one central location.

    As soon as I saw this, I thought, "Oh, crap. The fangirls will be the reason this show tanks." Please, please, please don't freak out. If you noticed, Superboy did not look happy about it. The drama that comes from this break-up/new relationship will most likely continue for the season, giving a nice side-story. Give them some time to flesh Lagoon Boy out, please! Don't assume that it will be horrible for strictly this reason.

    There's lots of new members to the team. There seems to really just be a few core members left fro…

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  • Hokkaidomaster

    There's been talk of several characters who have been confirmed, some who haven't. Most of the ones that we have heard rumors of are either rumors, or they have minor roles in the show.

    Here's the characters I know of, that have been talked about, and are confirmed to have larger roles than just a cameo in Season Two.

    • The Herald (he's already appeared in Season One)
    • Batgirl (Same as above, but probably more likely than the Herald to become a member of the Team, even if it's a brief stint.)
    • Blue Beetle (I think it's actually confirmed that he WILL be joining the team, but don't hold me to that.)
    • Beast Boy (Already getting a larger role, but too young for the team in my opinion.)
    • Lagoon Boy (I think he's confirmed too.)
    • Bumblebee (She's already app…
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