Okay. So, one and a bit seasons into Young Justice and I'm still having trouble reconciling the fact that Bruce Wayne/Batman has brown eyes instead of blue!

Why, oh mighty creators??? WHY???

Has Bruce ever had brown eyes in the past? In the comics perhaps? Every incarnation of Bruce Wayne I'm familiar with has had black hair and BLUE eyes! Not brown! So why the change? Curious minds want to know...

And I'm going to throw these questions out into the ether while I'm at it.

1. Have any of your favourite character's characteristics changed since appearing in Young Justice?

2. And are they, in your opinion, for better or for worse?


PS. This little note is for those of you too lazy to read the posts where I say the whole eye colour issue does not impact on my enjoyment of the show, and that it is basically my way of getting the conversation started. This blog can be about ANY flaw you feel your favourite character/s have since appearing on Young Justice.

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