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  • Fortanono

    Okay, so, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the new game Young Justice: Legacy. Here are my theories about this.

    Mystery Villain: Now, I think that this "mystery villain" is Mordru. I believe so because of that scene where Nightwing says "We won't let you destroy the world". You probably think that he was referring to Klarion, but then why the sudden cut? They could have put "We won't let you destroy the world, Klarion" but they didn't. And the sudden scene cut afterwards makes me think that he said the mystery villain's name. And we saw Klarion in the scene, right? So who could be working with Klarion? Well, probably none other than the Lord of Lords of Chaos himself! But they DO have to think of a way that Mordru could tie his spir…

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