Well, first of all, I'd like to say I'm quite ticked off at Greg Weisman. He put me on an emotional rollar coaster yesterday ._. I'll admit, I cried when Artemis died.....but once I saw Artemis was alive, I was mad. Because Greg screwed with us again. D:

So, we're gonig on a Summer Hiatus. I'm thinking for only 3 weeks, because we've only been shown the episodes for the next three weeks...

So what I'm hoping for when Season 2 comes back,

1. More Zatanna and Rocket, and Zatanna and Nightwing's "history" (Yes, I ship Chalant. You don't like Chalant? Oh well, guess you should stop reading.) And if Rocket's feelings for Kaldur and if the feelings were mutual on his part.

2. What if Tula isn't dead? What if Garth and Tula know about Wally, Artemis, Kaldur, and Dick's plan, so they went into hiding and staged Tula's death like they did with Artemis? Maybe even Tula has the amulet Artemis currently has.

3. And here it comes......IF ARTEMIS TAKES UP THE NAME LINDA PARK. Because most of the fandom hates that idea, I actually thinks it's clever.

What are YOUR predictions?

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