At some point in the time skip between Season 1 and Season 2, Zatanna joined the Justice League.

In Season 1, Zatara offered himself to be Doctor Fate's host body to free Zatanna. Ever since, Zatanna has wanted her father back. She even tried but failed to remove the Helment of Fate from an unconcious Doctor Fate.

Now we can assume that Doctor Fate and Zatanna aren't exactly best friends in the Justice League because of the whole predicament. Doctor Fate was against inducting her into the league in Season 1.

My question is whether Zatanna joined the Justice League to get closer to her enemy, Doctor Fate and has a plan to remove the helmet. I'm interested to see what Greg Weisman plans to do with these characters. It could end up in a few scenarios such as Zatanna and Doctor Fate just plain fighting, Zatanna getting caught up with Klarion or even The Spectre or both being forced to go on a mission together against some magical enemy like Klarion. They could also settle their differences through either a compromise (Nabu and Zatara taking turns controlling the body?) or acceptance that the world needs Doctor Fate more than Zatara. Greg can even take it a step further and make it "Fate-anna" (I hope not).

I hope we get an episode that focuses on these two characters. Probably not in Season 2 whose limited number of episodes is filled up with new characters as well as the invasion plotline but perhaps in Season 3 if there is one. Out of all of the members of the Justice Leauge and The Team Zatanna probably has the more variety and tricks up her sleeve. Plus she's beautiful. It would be a shame to not use her more. Doctor Fate is also hilarious "FATE HAS INTERVENED!"

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