Young Justice has done an amazing job of fleshing out the DC Universe. It makes me wonder. After Young Justice is over, why let it all go to waste? Young Justice could be the start of a new DC Animated Universe. By showing off the DC Universe so well, Young Justice can serve as a great device for other shows to branch off of. I'm sure many people would like to see a Wonder Woman or Booster Gold series. Or maybe a series based on a smaller character similar to Static Shock. Young Justice has already had cameos from many heroes. These cameos can be used as a way to test out certain characters and see whether they're well recieved and can have their own series.

There are two problems:

- Green Lantern: The Animated Series and the upcoming Beware The Batman series have the same CGI animation. It might hint at them taking place in the same universe but I doubt it. Very minor observation.

- The timeline format might be annoying with multiple shows but that's why it's better to do one show after the other, not at the same time.

I'm sure Greg Weisman can pull it off. I'd love to see more shows with great animation like Young Justice. Though I love Green Lantern: The Animated Series' story I'm not a fan of its animation.

Do you guys think a new DCAU starting with Young Justice is a good idea?

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