In "Fireworks" Dubbilex helped Superboy escape and stated that he was the hope for all Genomorphs. Dubbilex believed that Superboy would be a Genomorph hero would lead the Genomorphs to freedom. Guardian took over Cadmus.

In "Agendas" it was revealed that Dubbilex was secretly taking Genomorphs to Genmorph City, a safe and free sanctuary for all Genomorphs. Thanks to the tracking device in Superboy's Shields from Lex Luthor, Guardian and the Cadmus located the city. Dubbilex's plans failed.

In "Auld Aquaintance" The Light raided Cadmus to get Project Match and Speedy. Dubbilex and the other Genomorphs were seen unconcious. Ra's al Ghul stated that the Justice League would be arriving soon.

"Fireworks" and "Agendas" show that the Genomorphs are essentially slaves and view Superboy as their savior. "Auld Aquaintance' shows that the Genmorphs are still working in Cadmus after their sanctuary was exposed.

Are the writers ever gonna address this whole Superboy being a Genomorph hero thing? Has Superboy ever brought it up with The Team or the Justice League? Or does he have too much in his life to care about his Genomorph brothers? With all the alien stuff going on I know there's no enough room to address it in Season 2 but I think it should be addressed in a possible Season 3. Or perhaps it was settled in the time-skip.

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