In "Fireworks" Dubbilex helped Superboy escape and stated that he was the hope for all Genomorphs. Dubbilex believed that Superboy would be a Genomorph hero would lead the Genomorphs to freedom. Guardian took over Cadmus.

    In "Agendas" it was revealed that Dubbilex was secretly taking Genomorphs to Genmorph City, a safe and free sanctuary for all Genomorphs. Thanks to the tracking device in Superboy's Shields from Lex Luthor, Guardian and the Cadmus located the city. Dubbilex's plans failed.

    In "Auld Aquaintance" The Light raided Cadmus to get Project Match and Speedy. Dubbilex and the other Genomorphs were seen unconcious. Ra's al Ghul stated that the Justice League would be arriving soon.

    "Fireworks" and "Agendas" show that the Genomorphs ar…

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    Young Justice has done an amazing job of fleshing out the DC Universe. It makes me wonder. After Young Justice is over, why let it all go to waste? Young Justice could be the start of a new DC Animated Universe. By showing off the DC Universe so well, Young Justice can serve as a great device for other shows to branch off of. I'm sure many people would like to see a Wonder Woman or Booster Gold series. Or maybe a series based on a smaller character similar to Static Shock. Young Justice has already had cameos from many heroes. These cameos can be used as a way to test out certain characters and see whether they're well recieved and can have their own series.

    There are two problems:

    - Green Lantern: The Animated Series and the upcoming Beware…

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    Season 1 focused on Earth.

    Season 2 focuses on Earth as well as alien threats from outer space and time travel.

    If they do make a Season 3 how can it top aliens from outer space and time travel? Simple, the Multiverse.

    The Young Justice world is part of DC's 52 Earths. It's classified as Earth-16.

    They could introduce parallel Earth's through magic, science or any of the Speedsters. Several magical entities can create interdimensional portals. They can go the route of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and use a device to travel between Earths. In a Justice League Unlimted two-part episode "Legends" Flash vibrated in a way that made him sync with another parallel universe.

    Also, in a trailer from DC Universe Online (is that game good?) Brania…

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    At some point in the time skip between Season 1 and Season 2, Zatanna joined the Justice League.

    In Season 1, Zatara offered himself to be Doctor Fate's host body to free Zatanna. Ever since, Zatanna has wanted her father back. She even tried but failed to remove the Helment of Fate from an unconcious Doctor Fate.

    Now we can assume that Doctor Fate and Zatanna aren't exactly best friends in the Justice League because of the whole predicament. Doctor Fate was against inducting her into the league in Season 1.

    My question is whether Zatanna joined the Justice League to get closer to her enemy, Doctor Fate and has a plan to remove the helmet. I'm interested to see what Greg Weisman plans to do with these characters. It could end up in a few scen…

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