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  • EverythingFanat1c

    I was looking at the other day (Don't judge me!) and I realized that some people actually prefer the Robin and Artemis pairing. I think that's kinda' weird. For me, they're like brother and sister. Especially the age difference (but two years isn't really a big difference. my grandparents are apart by three years). And another thing is, well why would a kid that was trained by Batman( the most serious hero. and most scariest for me) be thinking of romance with a fifteen year old? I honestly think Kid Flash is a better pairing. They're both fifteen and well, you saw how they acted in Bereft right?

    The reason I wrote this was to see your opinions. Everyone has different opinions and ideas (especially fan fiction people. *shudde…

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  • EverythingFanat1c

    I'm writing this because people keep on saying how Robin needs a love interest. They say Zatanna and Robin would make a good couple, or that Starfire should come back and be his girlfriend again. What I don't understand is that he's only thirteen! He's too young to have a girlfriend! Starfire was his girlfriend in Teen Titans because he was like fifteen or something like that.

    Do you really think Robin needs a love interest?

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  • EverythingFanat1c

    Who is the best boy? It's a really hard choice even for me. Is it Robin, the most childish, but the one with most experience? How about Aqualad, leader, so calm and yet so powerful? Kid Flash, the big mouth and flirty one? Or SuperBoy, with his strength, super jump, super hearing, and infrared sight?

    For me Robin is the best. Also you can choose the best girl. I didn't put the best girl because, well, there are only two.

    Best Boy: Robin!!

    Best Girl: Artemis!! (Ya know, for me)


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