Ok this just hit me in the telepathy article edit:

Miss Martian rips memories from the people that she coma-fies, while it's entirely possible that that requires conscious effort, what if that is almost a side effect from her full raw telepathic power which she is exploiting now.

If the latter is even partially right, from what ive seen in situations involving absorbtion of memories and consciousnesses (from Rogue through to Ragman), the absorbtion of genuine evil manipulative figures, (and particularly the First of these absorbtions) often gives the personality a platform to exert control over the absorber..

Miss Martian brainblasterred Psimon first, after this her applications became particularly brutal. The takedown on J'onn with FIRE, and then after apparently 5 years of her using this we have psycho season 2 M'gann. Before Psimon, sure she lied, whatever, everybody lies... but she was entirely innocent in her actions (against living beings at least *coughs*brom stikk android*coughs*). So my thought is that Psimon's evil, and the accumulation of villain psches over the gap, has resulted in her new personality. This would makes sense from similar scenarios and allows for the inevitable blame shift.

ok that's about it. tell me what u think..

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