MEveryone seems to have the idea of artemis or super boy of being the mole but have you thought of miss martian she just might be the mole, dont believe me look at the facts

  1. she arrived right when the team was formed
  2. she claims to be a green martian yet she defends white martians, knows what white martians looks like up close, cant keep her shpe shifting under control meaning she cant control her true form (cartoon network already confirmed she hides her true form)
  3. a conclusion too 2 is that my theory of her being a white martian is that maybe white martians are sick of mars so their going to earth to take over, so they do this thru the light
  4. the light that happens to have a white light bluring their faces out the light members might not know who their working for , cadmus wierd psychic white monster to help take over, boom tubes for instant travel, super venom so their strong enought to take over, nano robots to learn about earth and hacking sytems so no one sees them on video doing all of this= HELLO MEAGAN moment anyone ) and no one knows who the people in season 2 are that are invading
  5. martian manhunter could be either brain washed, in cahoots or fooled into beliveving his only surviving relative left
  6. my last one for that topic is miss martian is a telepath so she could give intel any time without getting caught

Miss martian might not know thats she helping white martian and could be influenced through telepahy . although this is just theory you cant argue with the facts. if you have any theory comment

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