• Erockrules

    Terrors and Home front were epic but just by looking the plots for other episodes its going to get 10 times as good.

    11. batgirl is in high school and friends with robin. Do i have to tell what happens next

    • those robots are made each control a specific element so more than likely theres gona be an earth on and mister twister(episode 3) contoled lightning maybe there all related.
    • Now that we know Artemis and Cheshire are related we have a better understanding of who artemis is and that she most likely isnt the mole

    12. Remember in that clip cuddalyfish bloged about, robin gets chased by vultures giving the idea of peguin.

    • Another possible villain is Monsieur Mallah who was confirmed just type in his name and young justice into google images


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  • Erockrules

    MEveryone seems to have the idea of artemis or super boy of being the mole but have you thought of miss martian she just might be the mole, dont believe me look at the facts

    1. she arrived right when the team was formed
    2. she claims to be a green martian yet she defends white martians, knows what white martians looks like up close, cant keep her shpe shifting under control meaning she cant control her true form (cartoon network already confirmed she hides her true form)
    3. a conclusion too 2 is that my theory of her being a white martian is that maybe white martians are sick of mars so their going to earth to take over, so they do this thru the light
    4. the light that happens to have a white light bluring their faces out the light members might not know …
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