Found off of blog.[[1]]. Copyed and pasted main article.

“So, I spoke to one of the former Producers of “Adventure Time” at the Alternative Press Expo this past weekend (won’t name names). Mainly because I knew he worked at Cartoon Network & I wanted to complain to someone about them cancelling “Thundercats”.

He said that whenever comedic cartoons, such as “Adventure Time” are the most popular (like now), CN pulls the plug on their action shows (and vice versa when action shows are more popular).

What they do is pull the show off air for a few months, & then return it to the air without announcing or promoting it. Naturally, the viewers will have dropped off (no one knew it was coming back). CN then uses this rationale to drop the shows completely: “Well, we brought it back, but no one was watching.”

That’s exactly what they did to the new He-Man show back in 2003/2004. That’s exactly what they did to “Thundercats” last year.”

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