Okay since Young Justice is back at a new time and not everyone is going to get to see the new promos with new clips and confirmed recuring characters i'll let you know some of characters set to appear.

Rocket- seen with team being being informed by batman, swooping down on one of Bane's men, actually speaking to zatanna( in a generic black girl voice; im black so i know what that sounds like)

Bane- seen with numerous men in a jungle( looks like the same one in drop zone)

Superboy clone- fighting Superboy( no suprise)

Cheshire- fighting artemis in the snow

Black Spider- seen swinging through a city and jumping on Artemis

Zatanna- still apart of the team and has her own snow suit

Sportsmaster- getting beat up by Red Arrow=P

And i've found some links

and a really cool season 1 recap

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