New Young Justice Invasion game[[1]] seems to only be available in America righ now warning gives away spoilers.

  • Robin does change his look its not Tim Drake
  • Wonder Girl's outfit his not black thats just her stealth it a black top with a gold double u, red pants with white stripes on the side that cut off above her ankles, and blue slip on shoes with silver bracelets
  • Beast Boy is part monkey as seen with green hair on his arms, legs, sideburns, green skin, and a tail
  • Oh and the only animal he seems capable of changing into is a gorrila
  • And so far Artemis, Zatanna, Aqua Lad, Rocket, and Kid Flash have not been seen in the trailers, promos, or the game
  • Following up on that is team on the game are Robin, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Miss Martian, Super Boy, and Blue Beetle and Mal but only his voice not his character

Does anyone actually watch next week promos for young justice i was just wondering since no one seems know that wonder girl, blue beetle, and lagoon boy all apear next week if that you live in a different country i would be more than happy to tell you what happens

and before I go I was also wondering if anyone else watch Marvel Nation Ive seen it and it and in my opnion I prefer DC Nation. What do you think?

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