IT HAS BEEN DONE THEY HAVE BEEN CHOOSEN. You heard it right the rooster has been choosen seven characters(some by comments left by you guys) some familiar some not so much and completely unheard of with out furhter ado here is the rooster of the New Character Project are...

Orion, 17- Son of Darkseid, High temper, Super strength and endurance

Gypsy, 14- The runnaway, Shy, Illusionist and Telepathy

Kyle Rayner, 16- Green Lantern in traing, Artist, Lantern powers

Halo, 15- Energy being inside a human, Perfectionist, Flight and special Aura powers

Jericho, 14- Son of Deathstroke/ Slade, Mute, Posseion through eye contact

Empress, 15- Expert figthter, Hotheaded, Vocal mind control and Occulist( Voodoo)

Warhawk, 10- Son of Hawkgirl and John Stewart, Immature, Flight, endurance, and above average strength

Hope you like the rooster leave a comment on what you think about it and rember this is a group thing between all Young Justice fans so leave a comment about what could be added besides adding more characters which i will do after this project. the project will be done sometime between 12/26/11- 1/15/11 on [[1]] oh and my name user name is Erockrules so remember to watch me to know when it is submitted.

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